Monday, February 14, 2011


Don't YOU just hate trying on clothes?? Well if you do here are some tips for YOU to make trying on clothes easier:
  1. Wear clothing that is easy to get in & out of: Wear skirts instead of pants, pullover shirts instead of button down shirts (who has time to mess with buttons) wear flats or mules, instead of sneakers.

    2. Choose the right undergarments: Don't go dress shopping in a sports bra, wear a comfortable
        bra that will go with various necklines, that way you will know how it will look when you buy it.

    3. Wear clear deodorant / minimal make-up: Nothing worse than getting deodorant or makeup on
         something you want to buy, you've all seen it before while shopping. You find something that you
         like in your size you take it in the fitting room, try it on, you LOOK in the mirror admiring yourself
         and you see makeup, white deodorant or powder stains on it or the zipper is busted.. and that's the
         last one in your size?? You're mad right?? Well don't you be the one to do it!!

   4. Keep jewelry minimal: Nothing like getting your rings or earrings caught on a blouse or shirt your
       pulling over your head and snagging it!
These are some of the things that i have encountered on my shopping trips...Shop Diva Style Threadz

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