Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Are YOU a "APPLE" "PEAR" "HOUR GLASS" OR "ATHLETIC" Wondering what Im talking about??

YOUR BODY TYPE! Are you dressing for your body or are you just buying "what's IN?

APPLE: Tend to carry weight around the mid section.

GAME PLAN: Create contrast by using angular lines to take away from roundness.

LOOK FOR: *Wrap tops, corset style structures, pleating, gathering under bust (they draw the eye down the tummy. *Deep V-necks & Scoop necks. *Drapey empire styles (not too much material as they will only enhance the tummy area) *Straight leg (rather than Skinny) *Higher waisted pants or pants with a little stretch (some have those built in girdles) they hold the tummy in.

AVOID: *Extreme A-lines or anything to blousy (you know the tops that have "NO SHAPE") *Busy detail *Patterns that don't match your size frame (like real small, delicate patterns) Rule: Large frames carry off bigger patterns and Vice Versa.

YOUR SECRET WEAPON: Wear stretchy tank tops underneath your garments to create a smooth, seamless LOOK.

PEAR: Smaller on Top, Heavier on Bottom.

GAME PLAN: Add volume on top to distract from lower half.

LOOK FOR: *Dark colored pants that have a stiffer fabric or stretch. *Seams that run down the leg to create a leaner leg. *Fluted Skirts they flare out at the bottom *Lower/thicker waistbands help minimize the lower half . *Tops that are slightly A-line/ blousy tunic tops. *Low slung tunic tops. *3/4 length jackets & tops that stop around knee or mid thigh.

AVOID: *Fading/whiskering (it will draw attention to problem area) *Tight tops (they divide your body in half and show the problem area even more) *Detail on hips or thighs.

YOUR SECRET WEAPON: Remove excess material anything that adds bulk to problem area.

HOUR GLASS: Curvy around the bust and hips / small waistline.

GAME PLAN: Exaggerate your frame, don't fight it.

LOOK FOR: *Simple, solid shapes that highlight your waist. *Thick belts, pencil skirts, add volume around sholder to make waist appear even smaller. *Wrap tops, scooped/ boat necklines. *Pants (bootcut or flared)

AVOID: *Ruffles, frills, lapels, busy patterns, any straight/ boxy shapes.

YOUR SECRET WEAPON: Fitted vest  that flares out @ waist.

ATHLETIC: Boy Shape/ Straight up and down)

GAME PLAN: Use clothes to create curves.

LOOK FOR: *Details @ bust like: ruffles, wraps, rouching (they add fullness). *Sleeveless tops/halters (to show off toned arms). *High waisted skirts (just underneath the bust). *Boot cut pants/jeans (low rise) to accentuate curviness.

AVOID: *Menswear styles (oversize). *Straight cuts. *Boyfriend jeans.

YOUR SECRET WEAPON: *Ruffled blouse tucked into a high waisted skirt.


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  1. Girl, this was some great tips, I think i'm a little of both apple and pear. I'm heavy than i should be around the middle and much to love in the bottom. We need to chat because I definitely want to change my wardrobe up alittle bit... Thanks for sharing.