Saturday, April 23, 2011


There used to be a radio station here in Pittsburgh (WAMO) and after a certain hour they would play all the slow jamz and that hour was called QUIET STORM! The theme song was sung by Smokey Robinson when the music started it was so smooth I knew what time it was, I used to LOVE that time, i used to fall asleep listening to all the slow jamz or I would call my Boo up and talk on the phone all night long while the music played in the background. They played some AWESOME songs! We no longer have a station here, but sitting here at 2:38am listening to the rain as it hits my window reminded me of that! I cant sleep as the rain falls, it has been raining now for about 1 week almost everyday. It is still cold here and it makes me wonder when it will get warmer. I don't have the desire to do any outfit of the day posts or anything special because of the weather. People say that sometime the weather changes their mood or makes people depressed, I used to never let that bother me, because anyday that the Lord lets me wake up I was grateful. I am still grateful, I just want to go outside (NOT IN THE RAIN) but i want to enjoy the Sunshine, the warm breeze and just be able to sit back and enjoy the outdoors. This post had nothing to do with fashion, my store or anything in particular. I guess Im just remembering what used to be!


  1. One of are radio station use to play quiet storm with the theme of Smokey Robinson singing intro. They don't play any more,but reading your post reminded me of it.

  2. hey F.a. Ellis, thanks for the comment, I like that song, the rain made me think of that song and the quiet storm! Thanks for following me. Be Blessed!