Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I just wanna say I'M BLESSED to see another day and another year that GOD has given Me to celebrate MY BIRTHDAY!

As I began my day so many Wonderful people took the time out of their day to direct some kind words or expressions of  LOVE to me on facebook on my Special Day! You never know how people feel about you until something bad happens! Well I'm glad that wasn't the case because I would not have gotten the LOVE today or would have know how many people really cared!

Live life to the fullest with no regrets and tell people in your life how you feel about them!

I know that GOD has a purpose and a plan for my life so I will try to accomplish whatever it is he will show me the way!

I'm not doing anything big today, going to church this evening but I have a NICE weekend planned!

Have A Blessed Day!

                                      So here I full body shot ALL BLUES, TAN AND WHITE!
        Navy Jacket w/spec of light blues, Light denim shirt, Dark Wash Skinny Jeans cuffed, AND CHECK..
     THE DENIM SHOES by WILD DIVA which I can be sometime but for the most part I am laid back!
                                                 My eyes are so glassy, I don't drink!!!
                                             TAN Leather w/gold hardware, I LOVE BIG BAGS!!!
This ring is Sterling Silver and engraved on it are  the words "LOVE" "DREAM" AND "HOPE" that is something we all should do and NEVER give up... we can't get to those brighter days unless we make it through the night.
                                                             DREAM, LOVE, HOPE!!!
                                                  Silvertone Earrings and All Sterling Silver Rings.
          I have on 3 necklaces a Sterling Silver Tiffany necklace (which you cannot see because of my Fabulous scarf), a Silver multi strand necklace and another Silver Charm necklace w/ a Key, a Heart and a Lock.
                                                                     Tan Suede Belt tied
                                                               Dark wash Skinny jeans
                                     As you can see I LOVE STERLING SILVER JEWELRY!!!!
                             ALL my Bracelets are HEARTS I COLLECT them, I DON'T BREAK THEM!!!

                                                       So those are the PICS of my OOTD
                                                                 What do you think???
                                                                 Have A Blessed Day!

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  1. Awww! You look smashing, darling:) I am so sorry I missed your B-Day...Happy belated B-Day, my friend~Meredith