Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Have you DIVAS noticed some of Trends happening now, carrying Luggage as a Handbag, Wide Leg '70s (Bell bottom) Pants/Jeans, Turbans, Nerd Glasses, Socks w/ Stilettos, Peeptoes & Sandals just to name a few???

Are any of you Game to Rock some of these TRENDS???

 I do like the Bell bottoms, always did! The socks w/ shoes, i remember as a kid on Easter Sunday i had the patent leather shoes with my folded down lace socks, not saying that is todays style but i made me think of that!

Fashion continues to go on a Merry go round, round and round and where its gonna STOP nobody knows! 

The '70s are making a come back,  well, maybe not a come back cause some of the styles never left. Anyway it is always nice to re-invent old things with the new, mix and match. 

 CREATE your own STYLE and not be a duplicate of someone else!!!!

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