Thursday, April 28, 2011


I LOVE BLACK & WHITE together I think it is so CLASSY and you can add any POP of color with that combo, or you can keep it simple, the possibilities are endless.

 Here are a few items that I picked out from my store to show YOU! Well i picked out more than a few pieces LOL, I just think this is a Great combo!

You can wear Silver jewelry or Gold,  or BOTH too many times people get all matchy matchy! Fashion is about creating your own style not being a carbon copy of someone else's SWAG!

                          White Jacket w/Black pinstripes I added a Gray/Silver Tank underneath.
                                                            Black/White Aztec print Skirt
                                                   Black/White Babydoll Top w/ Abstract print
                                                           Black/White Top w/Letter print
                                                          Black/White Zebra print Sheer Top
                                                               Black/White Animal Print Skirt
                                                      Black/White stitching Shirtdress w/Belt
                                                                       Black/White Jacket
                                                      Black/White houndstooth print Jacket
                                                 Black Jumpsuit with White/Silver Applique
                                                               Black/ White print Tank Dress
                                                      Black/White Paisley print Sheer Top
                                                         Black/White Tube Dress
                                                                    Black/ White print Skirt

Go to to find these GREAT DEALS!!!!!

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  1. Ooooh, love that sheer tunic! Wonderful pieces and so true, black and white is a great staple for any wardrobe~Meredith