Monday, October 28, 2013


So I had my first SWAP PARTY which I called ''SWAP MY STYLE". Its was AMAZING! I had about 8 ladies in attendance. I prepared a variety of finger foods for the party. ON THE MENU: Pepperoni, Cheese and Crakers, Veggie Tray filled w/Red Peppers, Green Peppers, Cucumbers, Broccoli and Cauliflower (dip included) Spinach Wraps, Potatoes topped w/cheese, bacon and green onions, Fruit punch, Iced Sweet Tea, and bottled Water.  I gave each of the ladies a gift bag with a piece of jewelry inside, placed it on their seat, as the ladies arrived I took their merchandise and displayed it in the SWAP STORE which I set up like a clothing boutique, and for each item they brought I placed a ticket with their name and number of items in a box. We talked and made small conversation until everyone arrived. After all the guests arrived we ate the light snacks. FUN TIME: first game we played was what I called "GETTING TO KNOW YOU" each guest picked a card, introduced themselves and read the question on the card and answered it. We also played the "PURSE GAME" I called off items to see if the ladies had that item in their purse whoever had the most items won a prize. So back to the gift bags on the seat, I started by playing some music the ladies passed the bags around and when the music stopped the bag they ended up with was their prize they were given the option to keep the bag or trade for another bag (no one took that option)  everyone LOVED their prize, no Zonks or Gag gifts! Now getting to the SWAPPING, I had a little helper choose the names out of the box each lady had the opportunity to go into the SWAP STORE and pick one item but I added one "TWIST" if another person wanted that same item they had to object by saying "I'M GONNA STEAL YOUR SWAG" which at that time they had to "Face Off" by playing a game whoever won the game got the item. After each lady got one item from the store, I opened the store up for them to get whatever they wanted. The evening was a GREAT SUCCESS, we laughed, talked, ate, and  had so much fun. We are planning for the next party. It is an Awesome way to build your wardrobe and to recycle items. Here are some pictures from the evening showing the items the ladies walked away with. The ladies got a surprise treat, one the guests makes jewelry, earrings, necklaces & pandora bracelets, she let the ladies choose a pair of earrings  and she gave me a pandora bracelet and a pair of earrings. SMILES!!!