Saturday, February 12, 2011


How can DIVA STYLE THREADZ be of service to YOU???? What is it that you would like to see on my website or on my Blog??? Is there a certain type of merchandise you would like to see??? A certain brand of merchandise? Are you having trouble navigating my website??? I would like your feedback to let me know what i need to do to service YOU! My primary gift is that of helps i like to help people and support people in any kind of way i can and that is part of the reason i started this ministry to help others! I feel that the Sky is the limit to what each of us can have in our lives and there is room at the top for everyone. Too many times we knock each other down because we are not where we want to be. Stop looking at what everyone else is doing and get mad because your Dream or you business is not taking off like theirs. Why not ask them how they do it, how is their business such a SUCCESS, you may be able to learn some new things that you may have not thought of. When someone shows you some LOVE on your page or your website or when someone gives you a thumbs up or likes your fan page, or gives you a compliment or follows you on your Blog, or if they buy something from YOU don't just say Thanks and keep on stepping and pat yourself on the back because your business is growing or your followers have increased, or you have made it to the top, return the favor and tell others about someone up and coming that is trying to make a name for themselves word of mouth always helps business grow. It is all about helping others. There is enough HATE in this world, lets help each other change this world, AM I MY BROTHER OR SISTERS KEEPER....YES I AM!!  After all who gets the Glory in the end???? Who gave you the talent that you have??? Who made you to be the person you are and your business to be successful??? ONLY ONE......GOD and would he be pleased at how you are showing LOVE TO OTHERS!!!! Just a thought.....

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