Monday, February 7, 2011


First things first, Have you ever said I don't have anything to wear? Or I need some new clothes? Or I'm tired of the same outfits? Well if you answered YES to any of those questions, you are in the right place today!

Let's take a PEEK inside your closet and discover Something New!

You would be amazed at what FRESH & NEW outfits you can find in your own closet. Those pieces that you  thought didn't go together, now have created a GREAT LOOK!

Come with me I'm Going In...

ORGANIZE: You have to be able to SEE it to WEAR it! Put your clothing into categories.

  • Jackets
  • Skirts
  • Blouses
(Well you get the idea)

  • Make a list of items in your closet
  • What sizes are in your closet
  • What are your favorites
  • What items you have not worn in years
  • What is out of season
  • What it out of style
  • Is it you
  • Number of shoes
  • What's TOO BIG or TOO small
Then, Ask yourself these questions?????  Do YOU Like it?? Do YOU Love it?? Will YOU Wear it?

If YOU answered NO to any of these questions, GET RID OF IT!!!!!!!!!

**Here's a tip: If you have not worn it within the last 2 years, chances are you probably will not wear it** So why not donate it to "DIVA" Style Threadz! LOL! ( I had to get a plug in there for my business)

NOW that you have done that, Come with me I'm going in......

THE PROBLEM: You have tons of clothes but you tend to wear the same thing over & over.

THE FIX: Use it or Lose it! Find pieces that you don't normally wear and work them into your routine, by adding Bold accessories, a Bright colored scarf, Leather bag & Shoes.

THE PROBLEM: You work in an office setting that requires you to wear either "Business" or "Business Casual" clothing (which sometime can be boring or stuffy!)

THE FIX: Try mixing "BUSINESS" with "PLEASURE" that will increase your options!

Picture this: Let's take your everyday business suit, now instead of wearing the suit, lets take it apart and wear it like this: Get rid of the jacket and add a nice Denim Jacket, add a shell underneath (or a ruffled blouse) don't forget the POP of color, Tailored Pants, Accessorize with a simple Silver or Gold bangle, Hoop Earrings or Studs, Heels, & a Nice bag (maybe a clutch).

Well there you have it, Now once you get the outfits together go over to "DIVA" Style Threadz and look for some accessories, shoes or even some more pieces to add to your collection.

**Remember when you shop buy pieces that can be paired with items you already own.**

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  1. I love it Diva! I might have a few pieces for you when i go through my closet. Let me know