Wednesday, August 17, 2011


SO I AM GOING OUT FOR BUSINESS...sounds strange doesn't it?????

Well I have been MIA for awhile now and it was because I had a new job and when I got off I was so tired that I could not work on my blog or my web boutique. Well I won't have that problem anymore!!!

Fashion is in my blood and I cannot escape it. I just LOVE putting items together to see what I can create. I LOVE my web-boutique and all the Ladies that have purchased anything from me, from the smallest purchase to the highest purchase,

 I really appreciate and LOVE my DIVA'S, but I need your help!!!!

 I need to get the word out and get more followers and more people to like my fan page on facebook, also I need more consigners and more buyers.  When I started this whole thing it was just my vision and all I wanted to do was make some money on the side. As God increased my vision and sent me in another direction that I never thought of  I would like  to do as GOD wanted me to .

I want this to be a place where Women of all sizes, ages, and all walks of LIFE  can go to my website and find something to buy, also where they can get tips on how to dress for their body type as well as get services for  a personal shopper, a personal organizer as well as fashion consultant services.

I also would like to donate some of the proceeds to Women in homeless shelters as well as Women in transistion. I realize that at any moment in my life I could be one of those women and would need help. I also realize that GOD has Blessed me to be a Blessing to someone else and I do not want to waste my talents.

I am asking for your help if you or someone you know has items that you do not want New or Very Gently Used clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, purses etc. why not donate or consign those unwanted items to a cause that is sure to make you feel good. Some of us are so fortunate that we do not even realize it, so be a Blessing to someone else and watch GOD Bless YOU!

Yours In Christ,

Marcy L. Fraley

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