Saturday, May 7, 2011


go to my webstore @ and enjoy $5 off on your purchase of $25 or more, sign the guestbook with your name and email address to receive more discounts, contests, giveaways and more!

Tell a friend and be enrolled in our TELL A FRIEND DIVA DOLLARZ REWARDS! Here is how it works: If you tell a friend and they go to my Guestbook and sign their name/email and mention that you sent them YOU receive $5 in Diva Dollarz on your purchase of $25 or more and they also receive a discount on their purchase of $25 or more! The more friends you tell and the more friends your friends tell you all will receive a discount on your purchases.

Now the rewards can only be used on 1 purchase at a time!

If you have any questions you may contact me @

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